Last Cranes First Bloom


Sandhill Cranes, the full bloom, Laurie working in the garden, and the latest beaver dam can be seen at

18 thoughts on “Last Cranes First Bloom

  1. I’ve been doing yard work the last few weeks also. Not much of a winter here this year, no snow whatsoever–not that I’m complaining.
    And speaking of bamboo, I took down a thicket of giant bamboo last fall that was taking over.
    Be careful taking down the bigger trees, Tim. At least I can tell by the way you’re going to go about it that you know what you are doing. An inexperienced person can hurt themselves or somebody.

    • Thanks, Cathy. I’ve taken down lots of big trees in my day that were 60, 70 feet tall with huge trunks. Sometimes the tree trimers will take them down for a reasonable price, but if they are busy their prices go way up, then I end up doing it myself.

  2. So busy! The Elm Tree population in the UK was decimated by Dutch Elm disease. Ash trees are now under threat from another disease. Very sad.

    • We have Siberian Elms, and even though they are attacked by all kinds of maladies, they thrive and prosper and are very pesky.

      • It’s so often the case that the ‘pesky’ things thrive, whilst the lovely struggles to survive.

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