5 thoughts on “Drive By Morning Drive By Evening

  1. Seems as if one can’t drive through a city of any size and not come upon roadway construction. Interstate as well. I’m often on Interstate 40, and there is always ongoing construction somewhere. Fix one place, move on to another. I suppose it will continue to be this way as long as we have roads.

    • Hi Cathy! Roads need constant maintenance. Even though we have a very dry climate, the freeze/thaw still causes havoc with asphalt and concrete. I own the 1/4 mile of road to our property and there are four other residents who have rights to use the road. We had crusher fines put on the road about 10 years ago. I don’t have to have the road graded anymore, but I’m always having to take my shovel and wheel borrow and walk along the road, scrapping up the scree that gets pushed to the side of the road, and filling in potholes with it.

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