It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day, It’s a New Dam

The animated gif of the day is Sasha playing with her automatic feather mover†

It’s like the Battle of Evermore (note: there are no photos of Sasha on today’s photo blog)


†You may have noticed I’ve been putting up lot of animated gifs lately. This is because I finally upgraded my old Core Duo Macbook Pro to a newer Macbook Pro with a Quad Core i7 processor and 16GB RAM. The last three generations of OS X had become progressively worse about managing memory on the Core Duo system, so doing much of anything was slow and cumbersome. It got the point that the special effects programs and add-ons wouldn’t work and I could only have one major program open at a time to accomplish anything in reasonable time. For over a year now, what looks like special effects in my photos are created from what I can do with exposure and adjustments in Camera RAW and that’s it, because, as I mentioned, all of the effects software quit working properly.  Before the hardware upgrade, creating a simple, tiny, 2 image gif crashed the system.  The latest OS X works very well with an i7 processor, so now I can create gifs until my heart’s content. They are a good way of putting multiple images on the WordPress side of my blog as either a preview or just fun images to look at before clicking through to the photo blog.

16 thoughts on “It’s a New Dawn, It’s a New Day, It’s a New Dam

  1. I LOVE the way Sasha looks at you! And congrats on the upgrades! I know how frustrating a slow computer can be. I’m about ready to delete many files after checking I have all of them backed up, because space is starting to become an issue. GIF away!!! Have fun!! Sasha is adorable!!! ❤

    • I always run behind on hardware, but end up up-to-date on most of the apps. Used to not be much of an issue, but with most software going to subscription, the always up-to-date models for software delivery are shortening the lifecycle of hardware significantly.

      We got Sasha as a “problem” kitten, but we haven’t figured out what the problem is. Getting her was like winning the kitty lottery.

      • We got the kitty rejects. We also won the kitty lottery. And I know what you mean about software. LR and PS you must now subscribe to, with the option of buying the software no longer viable. Makes for a frustrating life IF you let it. Thank you for Loving Sasha. ❤

      • I don’t use LR — it’s a long story. I’ve used PS since the first version came out in the 90’s. The latest CC is ok, but I don’t need all the Illustrator-like additions.

      • Timothy, let’s just say I do my own thing, feeling my way around PS. The latest update I was pulling my hair out until I found what looked familiar. Why PS has to keep updating, bigger and better …. beats me. I will never learn that program in its totality. IMO it is impossible!

  2. GIFs, the easy way to do animation. And, the much easier way of doing time lapse.

    With software going by the way of subscription, it does require a level of a near real-time, or real-time, internet connection with whatever service. I don’t know if someone would save money, but I think in the end you’ll end up paying the same amount if you bought the software.

    • Hi David. Adobe reworked it’s pricing so the subscriptions are a lot less then buying the equivalent stand alone packages. I bought several Adobe CC licenses for the office at a really decent monthly rate. It gives us access to every program Adobe makes under each license. It will take 5 years at the current rate to equal the one time cost of purchasing those licenses at the old stand along software prices. So over a period of time you certainly end up spending the same amount, but it’s not spent in one chunk for the initial software and the upgrades. On the down side, you can only stick with your favorite version of a software until it’s made obsolete by the OS upgrades, and if you stay with obsolete OS’s you open yourself up to all kinds of issues, unless you work off-line and in isolation. Unfortunately, working off-line and in isolation is getting very hard to do.

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