16 thoughts on “Cranes Close Up

    • Thanks, Lavinia! Since we are on the Rio Grande, we see a lot of cranes, snow geese, ducks crows and buzzards migrating up and down the Rio Grande Valley, but I’m sure there are a lot more birds than those that follow the valley. You can’t help but notice large birds because of their numbers and the amount of noise they make.

  1. You must be on a migration route! Magnificent birds, and they remind me of airliners in flight. Note the location of the wings attaching to the body relative to the bird’s head. Same thing. We learned to fly from the experts!

  2. Beautiful shots, Tim. Cranes and herons are such majestic birds. I remember including a blue heron in a story once, and describing it as an angel the color of a thunder cloud. They are like angels in flight.

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