Somewhere in France 1918


This photo would have been perfect for last Tuesday, but I only found it looking for other photos in my archives over the weekend. This is part of a series I did using old photos and letters from my grandfather in WWI, my dad in WWII and my mom between the wars. This particular composite photo includes one of the letters my grandfather had written home while stationed in France in 1918, a “souvenir” postcard with the war years embroidered in allied colors, and a photo of solders in gas masks that was part of the collection. The army would not allow the men to write where they were in France, so the letters begin “Somewhere in France”. The letters were censored, as well, with white or black marks covering “sensitive” words. When my grandfather described battles, all the details were marked out. Laurie and I spent five weeks in France in 2013. You can see my photos of France by looking up my blog entries from May 11, 2013 through June 10, 2013.