Still Blooming


As this America Rose continues to fade to pink, the other three buds finally bloomed, as it begins it 4th week of blooming since I first photographed it:

While this rose has been really hanging in there over the past few weeks, I have been busy over the last couple of weekends: I repaired the dryer and got the parts to rebuild it while I had it apart, and then we went on a photo excursion over my birthday weekend. This past weekend I helped my neighbor with computer and network issues, rebuilt our furnace, picked up several bags of Halloween candy for half price (after Halloween sale), developed three rolls of film, went to a concert by the NM Philharmonic, got a new old scanner set up and tested, installed a new, larger hard drive in Laurie’s computer, and made prints from some of the negatives I developed. Now it’s back to work after a productive weekend.