Zimmerman at Night


Laurie studies in the old part of the Zimmerman Library on UNM Campus while she waits for me to pick her up after work. Zimmerman Library was designed and built by John Gaw Meem in 1938, and it has been in continuous use for the past 76 years. Built in his famous Pueblo Style, Zimmerman is still the heart of UNM’s campus with over a million visits per year according to a booklet celebrating Zimmerman’s 75 years of history. You can read more about John Gaw Meem and the Zimmerman library at http://library.unm.edu/zimmerman75/meem.php.

You can see from Laurie’s interior photo and my exterior photo how Zimmerman’s high ceilings and incandescent lighting creates a warm, magical atmosphere that is calming and conducive to study. Although the study tables look empty, Laurie said there are students at nearly every table, but they are either sitting close to the walls or their backpacks and computers mark their presence.