Balloons on the Rio Grande


There was a mass ascension on Saturday at the Balloon Fiesta, and many of the balloonists “dipped” their gondolas in the Rio Grande as the light breeze blew them northwest from the balloon field. A couple of kayaking clubs were paddling down the river and had to make their way through what at times seemed like a gauntlet of balloons all stacked up together, dipping in the river. The sky was mostly overcast to the east, with low clouds covering the Sandias, creating a dull, gray light that was occasionally broken by strips of bright sunlight when the sun found a slit in the clouds, illuminating the bosque and lighting up the balloons. One balloon few in front of the waining moon as it few over our house on its way to the river.









19 thoughts on “Balloons on the Rio Grande

    • Thanks, Susan. I ran out to the river in my sweat pants, falling apart running shoes, T-shirt I had slept in and messy hair since I had been doing the daily kitty meds and feeding before I noticed what the balloons were up to. There were a lot of people on the river bank, and, wouldn’t you know it, I ran into several people I know, but hadn’t seen in years. There I was totally unkempt; fortunately, my camera and compensation lens ended up the center of our conversations.

  1. Fabulous shots!! Now – how can you get these in front of someone who can get them on the cover of something??? They are such good press for the Balloon fiesta – we see so few shots of the river scenes…and with the kayakers!!! So cool!!!

  2. Great photos of those ballons, Timothy! I like the Roswell alien face on that one in #3. That would be something to be kayaking down the river and have a balloon drop in dor a dip!

    • Thanks, Lavinia! I like the light in the with the alien balloon plus the Airgas sign, with the alien face and all the clouds add a little mystery. The kayakers seemed surprised and a bit confused to have balloons in their environment.

      There was a guy with a nice racing bike on the ditch bank who commented to me that the balloons were quite an unexpected treat, as he was part of a group cycling through town. Turns out he was from Alaska and was down here for a bicycle event and didn’t know about the balloon fiesta. He also commented on the beautiful weather and told me it was cold and snowing in Alaska.

    • Thanks, Janna! The kayakers got the best view. There were a couple of dozen people on the river bank trying to get a view, the problem is the banks are overgrown, so it’s hard to get a good view.

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