Ducks In A Row


Following the ducks is a bit of “macro madness” — I found various interesting critters in the iris and roses. While I was out moving hoses to hook up drip systems, this female mallard hopped up on the neighbor’s wall. Then she hopped back down, and I could hear her making little quacking noises. When I looked over the wall, she was marching off with four ducklings in a row behind her.













14 thoughts on “Ducks In A Row

    • Thanks, Susan. I had way too many photos to process from our photo outing today, I finally decided the macros from early in the morning and the duck that surprised me late this afternoon were my best choices.

    • Thanks, Leyla! I thought it was strange for a duck to be hopping up on the wall, and more surprising to see her with her little ducklings in the neighbor’s yard. They were really cute.

  1. I liked all your photos today – the ducks are so cute. It’s fascinating to see all the creeping critters so up close. It’s like a sci-fi movie.

  2. Great photos! Love the mama duck with the foot up ready to take the lead. The mug shot of the spider – is that one of those jumping spiders? Never know who will show up in a rose blossom…

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