63 thoughts on “The Blues

  1. Love the moon halo.
    That there is a lot of redwing blackbirds in that there tree! Must have been noisy!
    Turkey vultures are so impressive, to me.
    Beauty, Tim

    • We have had a lot of female redwing blackbirds this year. The vulture are beautiful in flight. Not so purty perched or walking around on the ground. Thanks, Dale.

      • They are a noisy bunch, aren’t they, the RWB?
        Vultures are glorious up in the air… up close? I’d go so far as to call ’em fugly…

  2. That a bunch of red-winged blackbirds. Cute little bluebird “mooning” us. And the turkey vulture, well, not exactly a pretty bird, but great photos of the wingspan as it soars by.

  3. Wow. Just an avian kinda day. Hawk was amazing, but moon bird was the best. 👍

    • Thanks, Goeff. I use a Canon 400mm DO ƒ/4.0 for the detailed moonshot. I use the same lens for most birdshot as well.

      • Thanks! I am limited to my zoom which goes up to 300 mm. Maybe Father Christmas will think of me this coming Christmas.

      • Are you using a camera with a full-frame, APS-C or othe size sensor? I have the 400mm lens on a body ith an APS-C sensor, so the focal length is 640mm.

  4. Ha, that first bluebird has a white afro. I do feel bad for the female being stuck with the dull coloring..probably thinking… at least I’m not a Vulture hehehe.

    • Yeah. The blackbirds have been trying to cancel the bluebird for cultural misappropriation. You know what a Vulture’s favorite song is? “Carrion my wayward son.” Thanks, Brian.

      • Well, all they have to do is self-identify as being an Eagle and they can cancel those blackbirds. The Kansas joke made me laugh out loud – nicely done.

      • They wish they could self-identify as eagles when facing Rodney Red-tail.

      • I’m happy you got a laugh out of that. We need more laughter in this dreary world. Speaking of funny, do you ever watch Jeff Dunham clips? He and his cast of dummies are hilarious.

      • Yep, I like Jeff. He has appeared a few times at our local civic center, but with been unable to make it so far. Did catch a few on YouTube and a few of his shows on late night TV.

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