Birds & Stars


An attempt to photograph the Green Comet. It was near Polaris last night.


Moon and Mars


Jupiter and moons


Eastern sky. Mars to the left of the moon in the moon’s glow.

A second Jack

55 thoughts on “Birds & Stars

  1. Tommy is a handsome fella and Lonely – the colours around his eyes! The two Jacks and Nutty are also lovey. Wonderful nighttime sky pictures, Tim!

  2. Those are very nice bird portraits, and I always love the night sky. It is clear and cold up here again tonight. It was 16 degrees this morning, high was 43. We might see the same tomorrow morning.

    • Lonely wasn’t sure what was going to happen with a Bazooka pointing at him. I put out Beaker’s and Søren’s leftover birdfood after that and Lonely was quite happy.

    • Greeny will be close to Mars on Feb 10 before the moon comes up. Hopefully I can get a better shot of it. Between moon light, city lights, and the neighbor’s lights, it was all light when I was looking for greeny. Thanks, Shey.

      • It’s close tonight, but between the bright moon and light pollution it’s hard to see the comet or least the tail of the comet.

      • That’s what they say, but with Neandethals stoning Homo Erectus and vice versa , who knows what they really saw in the “stoned age”. “Ouch!” as a stone bounced of his noggin. “Oh wow man! That green star looks like it has a tail!” Then ancient stoners probably made petroglyphs that tipped off some modern-day scientific types.

      • Exactly which is why I put the seen in inverted commas. I mean do these ‘experts’ who tell us everything from how to boil and egg to blow our noses, have this in tablets of stone or what? Now like that it could be a cave painting but that image would hardly stand up in court.

      • It would stand up in court in these parts was well as anything else. Buddy Brown, a country singer, said he got thrown out of court for telling a judge that we don’t have criminal just here, only criminal laws. Buddy’s a redneck and he’s right.

  3. My day better already! Birds seem to also be on the lookout for green comet!
    I tried last night to see [just eyes!] but sky was covered with haze. Only the Moon and Mars were visible.

  4. Look at all the birds!! Great light capture on the eye of the white-winged dove and I missed that Spotted Towhee when I was down south – managed to find one in Austin right before the new year, but couldn’t find it when I went back soon after the calendar turned to get it checked off for this year, We are definitely back in Junco land as they arrive here for the cold months – that is when we know to get our coats out of storage ha.

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