Once Upon A Wolf’s Winter Moon

The first full moon of 2023, the Wolf Moon, rose this evening, January 6th, which happens to be Epiphany. I wrote and recorded a song for the occasion and put together the above music video to celebrate the Wolf Moon.

Once Upon A Wolf’s Winter Moon
Lyrics and Music by Timothy Price

Winter sky sad sulked at dusk’s fall
Darkness fell, embraced cold world
Breezes whispered oh so softly
Warnings of impending doom

Ambushed by cold winter’s wanting
Wicked wind, frost bit hard
Frozen souls hung in the balance
Gods cast dice; who lives or dies

Red eyes stared, pierced the darkness
Gravelly growls from all around
A chorus of howls split the heavens
Once upon a wolf’s winter moon
Once upon a wolf’s winter moon

Wolf Moon rested, washed by dawn
Sunrise melted the seventh seal
Time stood still, stopped, and listened
Sound of silence, dark, unreal

Overcome eternal darkness
Help us! Save us! Came the cries
Wolves howled, moon tried to warn us
You’re strangled and consumed by lies

Wolves howled at the full moon
Waking ghosts from gelid sleep
Giving life to frozen souls
Broken-free as winter weeps

Red eyes stared, pierced the darkness
Gravelly growls from all around
A chorus of howls split the heavens
Once upon a wolf’s winter moon
Once upon a wolf’s winter moon

70 thoughts on “Once Upon A Wolf’s Winter Moon

  1. Wonderful, Tim. I tried but the clouds… they are moving so fast, the rain… sigh.
    Happy New Year! Hope 2023 brings you much joy, lots of photo and song ops and all ’round happiness and good health.

    • Thanks, Dale. Darn clouds always getting in the way of things. We’ve had a lot of cloud cover lately.

      • I tried with my camera – shite. Then with my phone. I even videotaped it, trying to get a feel of how fast the clouds were flying. Also shite!

      • Your voice sounds perfectly fine to me, Tim. You must have heard at least a few songs by Dave Van Ronk or Tom Waits. If you haven’t, give them a listen. 🙂

      • At least my singing is more in tune these days. I’ve been working on that. But I don’t like the sound of my voice.

      • One can always work on vocal technique, myself included. I’ve been meaning to check out Charlotte’s posts on that. I have some catch up to do on her blog, and it takes some time. Keep singing, Tim.

  2. It’s always a pleasure to hear a new song from you, Tim. It gives me (in combination with an espresso) extra energy to start a new day.

  3. Woo Hooooooooooooo… Howling with you and my beloved wolves!!!!!
    What a song and what a video, Tim! Your breathtaking images and videos from the Wolf Conservation Center are captivating! A great ode to the first [Wolf] Moon of the year!

    • Thanks, JYP. I’m happy you like it. I ended up putting a lot of work into the song. I recorded the vocals multiple times because I especially hate how my voice sounds on this song. I arranged and rearranged the song several times. There are six verses in the original poem, but the song was too long at 5:00 with six verses, so I took out two verses, and removed portions of the intro trying to cut it down to 3:05, but it ended up 3:32.

  4. Wow! That was one of your better productions, Tim, all the elements work perfectly, love the lyrics and video! I used to volunteer at a wolf sanctuary, much respect for these majestic creatures!

    • Thanks, Tiffany. We have a wolf santuary in western New Mexico out it the middle of nowhere.

  5. This is amazing, Timothy… what a post to return to. The year is already off to a great start; I can see and hear. Wow, the beat and lyrics are entrancing (and the video production brings these all together as well). Well done.

    • Thanks, Randall. I am happy you liked it and that it helped get you off to a good start in 23.

    • I thought the snare worked well with the acoustic guitar parts, which I played on my Wolf Guitar. Thnks, Brian.

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