Green Ghost Flies

From a fiery pit
Green ghost flies from damnation
Satin lost his grip

When I took the photo of the sparks flying from the burning embers as they were stirred, I did not see the ghost until I processed the photo. Since I had “Live View” on when I took the photo, I was able to create the above animated GIF from the images that make up the live view image.

68 thoughts on “Green Ghost Flies

  1. That is so cool, Tim! Love it when an “accident” or rather an unknown thing happens and you can do something with it. Great GIF!

  2. I believe in this because I saw it on my picture 10 years ago. I photographing about midnight from my balcony parking place over the winter. I publiched without any filter on Facebook. My sister called me “Look a pic” and there is a frightened green foggy creature, 50 centimetres far away down in a dark spot of balcony, ugly frightened face from smartphone flash. I realised that stories about midnight till sunrise is time for a lot of creatures 😳🙄

    • Cameras are good at capturing spirits, ghosts, fantazma that we can’t see. We have a lot of paranormal activity on our property, including ghosts that steal things from us. I captured a ghost in a photo in a haunted hotel in 2004. Thanks for recounting your ghostly encounter, Marinela.

  3. Super cool! Brad can attest, I’m a bit of a fire nut when it comes to photography – some like to test their creativity with clouds, me, I prefer to take shots of a flaming pumpkins. Never captured anything as cool as your ghost though.

    • Burning pumpkins could be ghostly. We used to shoot pumpkins, and you remember the group who was into smashing pumpkins, I assume. Thanks, Brian.

    • You can create gifs from Live. And when you look at Live under Edit you can make each photo that makes the Live image the Key Photo, and share each one with yourself to make your own gif. Thanks, Resa.

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