60 thoughts on “Sliver Moon Morning

  1. HI Timothy, an interesting discussion about your music and creation of music. I’ll have to look for the song about the smelly cat, that reference reminds me of Phoebe and her smelly cat song from Friends.

  2. It really was an inspiring conversation, Tim. I recently learned (from the filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky) that being creative is one way of reflecting being made in the image of God. Profound and humbling. We could never create something as beautiful as the moon, sunrise, sunset, trees, flowers and all the critters of the Bosque, but we can create painting, poetry, music, photography, film, etc. from it all.

    • Thanks, Mary Jo. Wise words from Andrei. So true, we can’t compete with God on creating everything beautiful, but can certainly take inspiration from it.

  3. Beautiful moon-eye photos, Tim. It was too cloudy to see the moon this morning here.

    I’ve bookmarked your interview with Rebecca so I can catch up with it over Thanksgiving.

  4. Definitely will listen to the podcast!!!!

    So, Charlotte and I would have loved comments on the post I just did. She said it’s getting weirder and she’s having trouble on other blogs now. I sent WP a letter. She said she will, too. However, a 3rd party set up her blog. She is a bit lost.
    We will see what happens. She has never been in my Spam.

    • I was going to comment on your post, but the comments are closed. If she is self hosted that has its own set of problems. There are many blogs WP will not allow me to comment on unless I comment through the reader. WP gets really frustrating with its irregularities. I set up a WP site for Laurie, and I was ready to kill because WP was giving us so much trouble. We started with one theme, decided it wasn’t going to work, changed to another theme and it mixed the two themes into an unusable mess. I had to delete a bunch of stuff and start over before I got something usable, but it still isn’t giving us all the features the theme is supposed to give us. WP brings me to my wits end.

      • Ahh!
        Well, it would have been frustrating for Charlotte if people were wishing her good will, etc. and she couldn’t thank them.
        It’s not even that thing where you have to fill in your name and email to comment. She says she gets a notice in red, but it goes by so fast that she can’t read what it says.
        So, I figured just send them to her blog.
        I sent a letter to the Happiness Engineers about it. Hopefully they will know what’s up.
        She has never been in my Spam. I check it regularly.

        Yes, it can be frustrating here on WP, but I have so many dear pals now, like you, that I couldn’t leave.

        I got busy with my arts and crafts last night after dinner. I have to go out to do errands, one of which is getting the zipper for Charlotte’s skirt. Then come home, do dishes (aaarrrggghh) then #1 – listen to the podcast with you!
        And catch up on Rebecca’s blogs and yours.
        OH I told Norm about your Spark amp. He was quite interested and looked it up on line. xx

      • The red mesage that goes by is probably a message that she is not logged in. I get that, but then when I select Login from the menu that poups up under the three dots on the lower right-hand portion of the screen, I don’t get a login screen. It’s really frustrating. She should try posting thank yous from the Reader. BTW The Spark Mini is $50 off right now.

      • I got a message back from the Happiness Engineers. They want a pick taken of the red message… sent me a link for Charlotte to do that.
        On to step 2!
        I’ll mention the reader to her.
        The HE’s want to know if others have the same issue on my blog?
        I’m not aware of that, unless you can only comment on my blog from the reader?
        Am I one of the blogs you have to comment on from the reader? xx

      • Your blog is one of the no comment blogs. I just sent you an email with a video of what happens when I try to login to WP, Twit, and FB to leave a comment on your blog.

  5. That last shot would be perfect for a scifi or horror flick poster – maybe for Event Horizon – to this day that movie still gives me the jeebies.

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