Fight Night

Cranes cackling up a storm.

As the cranes fly in they start cackling like crazy after they land. I don’t know if they are cursing at each other or calling each other names, because they started to fight.

A Craneku
Jumping up and down
Wings spread insults said they fight
Part of the routine

91 thoughts on “Fight Night

  1. Wonderful Craneku, Tim. Is it the boys showing off for the girls, I wonder? Some of the onlookers seem interested, others seem annoyed. What a marvelous population you have right in your backyard, You are blessed.

    • I think they just get annoyed with each other. They fly in, land awkwardly, and announce their landing by cackling up a storm. Then all of a sudden a fight breaks out. They hop, flap and cackle at each other for a few seconds and then go back to milling around as abrubly as the fight started and act like nothing happened. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

  2. These are such fascinating photos! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crane up close, let alone fighting! That’s so cool! Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us and your creative craneku! 😃

    • You are welcome, S. I’m happy I can share the cranes with you. We are fortunate enough to get to see the cranes up close and personal all through the winter. They so much fun to watch and listen to.

      • From may days dancing flamenco, my ankles were not as much of a problem as my lower back. But I don’t think the River Dancers pound the floor like we do in flamenco. RD is good aerobic exercise. One of our staff member’s daughters is learning RD. She says it’s super hard. I’m sure it is.

  3. It is interesting to imagine what the animals think. When I was growing up, we’d get these huge gatherings of Canadian geese by this pond near my parents’ house. Because I am really Jewish, I used to imagine that the geese were having a bar mitzvah party. Excellent photo series and craneku.

    • I’m sure they were having Branta bar mitzvahs when you were young. The cranes are very expressive. I really wanted to add dialogue to their fighting, but I controlled myself.

    • A lot of birdbrains cackling at each other? I don’t have Twitter, but I get the pickuter. Thanks, elmediat.

    • Like The Crane Gang song?

      Cluckity cluck cluck cluckle
      Cluck cluck cluckle

      Well don’t you know
      That’s the sound of the Sandhills
      Walking in the crane gang
      That’s the sound of the Sandhills
      Fighting in the crane gang

      All night long they’re saying, Cluckity cluck
      Cluckity cluck cluck cluckle

      They are a rowdy bunch. Thanks, Brian.

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