Silly Kitties


Does anyone remember Silly Putty? Is that stuff still around? We have Silly Kitties. Some of their positions are pretty putty-like.


Gwendolyn with Loki photo bombing


I got this case out to measure the inside dimensions to see if a travel guitar will fit inside it. Sasha claimed the case the moment I opened it. Glenda was not too sure about Sasha appropriating the case. Is this a case of a cat casing a case? In case you are wondering, yes, a travel guitar will fit inside the case.

55 thoughts on “Silly Kitties

    • Our cats love boxes in all sizes. We have some they have been playing on and in and tearing up for the past 6 months. So Silly Putty is still around. Good to know. Thanks, Bruce.

    • I on my way to nowhere. Craig is traveling with the travel guitar. He has to go out of town a lot for his work. Thanks, Tiffany.

  1. An entertaining gallery of kittie images, Tim. Loki’s ears: intense and perfect for photobombing. Silly Putty was/is the best. What else can you use to make a stretchable copy of the color Sunday Comics? Just keep it away from shag carpeting…

  2. Can you press those silly kitties on a newspaper and have the print come off on their fur? Never was allowed to have Silly Putty again after I accidentally left it out of the storage egg on the back ledge of the car (over the speaker cover to be exact). Went over a 100F that day and let’s just say what a mess and dad was NOT pleased.

    • Car dash speakers were crappy back then. I would the Silly Putty would have improved the sound. The kitties like to press themselves on newspapers and then shred them. Thanks, Brian.

  3. A still-shot show with comedy! Loki looks like a panther. I remember smashing silly putty onto the Sunday comics and the colored ink scene showed onto the putty. Can’t say which stores may still carry it, but surely it can be found online.

      • 7 hours (not including drive time) at the checkup yesterday, great news! His ast enzyme is normal. Bloodwork results are good. Fluid is gone! Just maybe it was everyone’s prayers and caring energies!!! Different medicine for his gums & tremors remain a mystery, but he is well! Will tell more later. Thank you for asking and for the healing hopes for him!

      • Those kitty purrs and good vibes did him good. Collective good vibes do work. I am so happy to hear he’s mostly normal. You are such a good lizard mom.

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