58 thoughts on “Tuff Tufts

  1. At first I thought it was a feather πŸͺΆ stuck in a tree. You got me… April Fools.
    Love all the owls and their sleepy ways.

  2. I love that your couple comes back to the same tree so you can share the building of their families year after year.

    • This is the 5th running. They truly bless us and they are so good to put up with all the gawkers and paparazzi. Thanks, Daly

      • I knew it was at least two πŸ˜‰ Was sure it was more! That is fantastic. Well you and Mr Owl are on friendly terms now so….

  3. I noticed in the previous photo series of Daddy, that he had grown quite a large white bib that looks like an old man’s beard. I wonder how old he really is? Mama’s tufts look like they wave in the breeze.

    • Mama’s tufts were waving in the wind. They are 5 years plus however many years before they become sexually mature. Thanks, Susan.

  4. You know sometimes they don’t even look real to me. That shot of the one where you can barely see the eyes, the ears are there but you have to really look to see the eyes, just such beautiful shots. Amazing. I got a Barred Owl calling back to me the other night for about five minutes it was really fun. We don’t get to hear them often and rarely get to see them. They are more brown and don’t have the same coloring as your owls but they are still magnificent creatures.

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