Fall & Colors

Resa’s Tree

Marina’s Incognito Pear Tree

Dale’s Peach Tree

Shey’s Tree

GiGi’s Tree

Susan’s Tree

Lavinia’s Tree

Tiffany’s Tree

Gabriela’s Tree

Teagan’s Trees

Christine’s Tree

Note: There are three photos of each tree from different angles. Some of them look very different depending on which side you are on. Holly’s Tangle Heart Tree, Mia’s Tree, Lyn’s Chitalpa, and Rebecca’s Black Bamboo were not included because they don’t change color in fall.

63 thoughts on “Fall & Colors

    • The leaves don’t change color, they simply fall off. But you are right, I have not posted photos of it in a while. I need to.

  1. They are all beautiful, Tim! I am honored to be among those with trees on your place.

    How are the beaver wars going? It’s been a while since we heard from Bite ’em on the Old Shin Bone. I heard on the news up here that beavers are now getting new respect as controllers of fires due to their dam building.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. The clear ditch is all but dry from the Rio Grande running so low. There are only little pools of water. Unless the Conservancy wants to dig the ditch down to the current water table, there is no reason to tear out the beaver dams. Beavers are much better at managing water than we are. If the Conservancy had left the beaver dams they tore out early this year, there would still be water in the clear ditch.

  2. The ladies in your neighborhood have very beautiful trees. You have captured them beautifully and they shine with your slowly discolouring crowns.

  3. It’s fun looking at trees from different vantage points. Thanks for sharing these. Normally we’d be at peak color here in Indiana, but peak is still a couple of weeks away. Strange season this…

    • We vary greatly between some color, a lot of color and going straight to brown. This year it’s some color, We are getting hard frosts already. Thanks, Mag & Sher.

  4. You are such a gem to gift these beautiful trees to all of us Timothy. Itโ€™s heartwarming. I missed seeing the Tangle Heart tree though, I donโ€™t care what color she is.

    • Thanks, Inchcock. You have a bit of beautiful foliage and birds around you if you can get out and into it.

      • Thanks, Tim.
        If I could get up the hill into the park, it would be super.
        That’s an unmentioned bug at the moment, mate. Being stuck flatbound again. But I’ll try to esacape today, even if only down to the shops – taking the camera of course. (We’ll see what time the carer comes). Keep safe.

    • You are welcome. Tiffany. Your tree is another one that looks really different from different side.

  5. Tim, you and Laurie have created such a beautiful corner in the Land of Enchantment. It’s fun to see the trees in their autumn glory. I do love that gnarled stand of trees, and the setting around them. Stay safe and well. Big hugs.

  6. Love seeing them all together Timothy and the uniqueness of each one and color change. I think we should all trade and borrow some of each other’s. For instance, I’d love some of Dale’s pears … Care to share? Do I have to have my tree for a year before I’m with the tree of famers? lol ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

    • You tree had just had a post f it’s own. So I left it off. It will be included the next series, which might be winter. It’s always interesting to see what happens. Thanks, Cindy.

      • I KNOW and so appreciated!!! I just was checking as I’m watching the back to back games of basketball and baseball.. very fun. and the colors change for sure.

  7. How thrilling!
    This is a valuable post! It’s an autumn’s tree catalogue.
    I’ll be back when I continue my latest AGM/PBH story.
    I’ve been drawing every other night, and they are piling up.
    However, first the Art Gown post!

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