39 thoughts on “Muskrat, Mama, Moon

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. The muskrat swam right up to where I was standing. I swore I hear an “oops!” before he dived under the water.

  1. Amazing photos Tim. Mama Owl is gorgeous and blending so beautifully into the surroundings. It seems the gibbon would be quite chilly in the water but I suppose nature has provided for that.

  2. Superb composition, detail and lighting in all these, Tim. I love the movement with the muskrat (and now thinking of that old Captain and Tenielle song, which makes me smile)… and the owl is just magnificent. Hugs on the wing!

    • Whenever I see Muskrats I think of the song, also. It’s amazing how many things conjure up old songs buried in our subconsciouses. Thanks, Teagan.

  3. Some weeks ago, one of our Belgian top chefs prepared muskrat on television. He went catching the animal with a muskat patrol the controls the amount of rats in our rivers. When the diner was served, every one was pleasantly surprised by the taste. So the saying is true… muskrat resembles a bit like rabbit. We call is also water rabbit. Greetz, Rudi

    • Hi Mary Jo. Mama should start her sitting on eggs phase pretty soon. Not sure about muskrat phases. All I see them do is swim and gather grasses.

      • No doubt, but they are secretive. I never see anything but fairly large muskrats swimming around. I do see young beavers with adults in the summertime.

  4. That is the most wonderful picture of a muskrat that I have ever seen.
    I wish I could pet it!
    I’d also like to pet mama owl!

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