Hummingbird Yoga


A hummingbird was hovering above me going through its yoga positions while I was out walking on the levee. The specks in the images are swarms of gnats or little flies that the hummingbird is feeding on.

Backstroke Bob

Treading air

Freefall Freddie

Leftward list

The crawfish

Crucified arch

Backstretch air tread

Front stretch air tread

Flutter me, Freddie

Look, mama! No Wings!


47 thoughts on “Hummingbird Yoga

      • They are such rapid flyers, it’s great that you captured so many beautiful images. Hummers are so beautiful.

      • Thanks, Juanita. I have to get them when they hover for an instant. There are lots of blurry shots between the few clearer shots.

  1. Entertaining yoga poses, Timothy. And really lovely to see this hummingbird in the midst of a bonanza smorgasbord. How thrilling it must’ve been for you to enjoy this visit.

    • Thanks, Jet. I see hummingbirds feeding like this most evenings this time of year. They are really fun to watch and a challenge to photograph. I think they can see their reflections in the lens because they hover, but move to one side or the other of my lens when I’m trying to focus on them.

  2. Nice captures of their activity, Tim! These little hummers are amazing. I was watering the garden the other day, with the water mist generating a rainbow in the late afternoon sun. A little hummer stopped and hovered, enjoying the water and light show.

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