Mammatus Monday

August is the month for mammatus clouds. I posted similar clouds on August 1, 2018. These mammatocumulus clouds rolled in well after sundown the other night. While I was out photographing the clouds, I ran into a skunk. The skunk was a sassy little guy. He ran up to within a foot of me and stamped his little paws. It was too dark for the wide-angle lens to focus on him. I took a few steps backward, and he ran up to me and stamped is front paws. This happened several more times. He never turned to spray, just kept running up to me like a challenge or maybe he wanted to play. When I shined my phone light on him to try and get a photo, he ran under the car.

45 thoughts on “Mammatus Monday

  1. Whoa. Insane photos with just the right amount of drama added.
    As for the skunk – that must have been just a tad disconcerting considering he could have, if he wanted to, leave his ummm. mark.

    • Thanks, Dale. I have lots of experience with skunks. They will only spray when they feel like they are in danger. This one did not see me as much of a threat. He wanted to fight or play more than spray.

    • Hi Holly. The clouds are a bit buttery milky looking. As I told Dale, skunks spray when they are threatened. This one was the threatening one. Fight or play not spray.

  2. I don’t believe that New Zealand gets mammatocumulus clouds – as I’ve never seen them in 70 years. Perhaps the land is too skinny and near the sea?? They certainly are wonderfully dramatic.

  3. Your skies are phenomenal! You were quite brave with your critter. I would have been running the other way. He did sound as if he wanted to play though.

  4. Must’ve had anvil cloud thunderstorms in the area.
    That’s a different skunk encounter. I guess it must have been trying to scare you away. 🙂

  5. Those are gorgeous mammatus clouds, Tim, and I love the skunk encounter story. I have smelled a skunk here recently, but not seen any this year, yet.

  6. You’re lucky the skunk wanted to play not spray if you were so close to him. I’ve never seen anything like these clouds in real life either.

    • Thanks, Susan. I’ve had skunks bump into me when we were crossing paths. They don’t see very well.

    • It actually could be a cover for the number of aliens we get around these parts. Thanks, Teri.

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