31 thoughts on “An Artist & Her Dog

    • I can’t say. I didn’t talk to her because she was very involved with her painting. Thanks, John.

  1. From what I remember, that is a great design for the location too. LOL, but maybe it needs a paw print in the center of the flowers. Wonderful slice of life, Tim. Hugs on the wing!

  2. I love that artists are getting the opportunity to paint pretty murals, we are seeing them all over San Diego also, but that typically means another business is out of business, so that is brutal.

  3. It does not restore the old Route 66 feel, or mend the heartbreak, but it is pretty. Perhaps a step in a right direction?

    • The murals look better than the bare plywood, but it bugs how the city celebrates destruction and lawlessness instead of helping to get the plywood down, glass replaced and business going again.

      • I hear you!

        Perhaps the ongoing restlessness during this time of Covid is preventing a full swing into restoration & rejuvenation?
        The news seems very cherry picked these days. I just heard about Portland, Oregon 2 days ago. Lawlessness…. anarchy is such an uncivilized idea.
        I see this virus has exposed all.

    • Hi Marina. You are current. When I first walked by the artist to talk to another artist painting around the corner, I didn’t see the dog and I didn’t consider photographing the artist. But on my return, the dog had joined her, and that made the photo.

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