Cloud Textures & The Tangle Heart Tree

Colorful dawn on Tuesday morning.

The dawn offered a kaleidoscope of colors on Tuesday morning. Afternoon thunderstorms are starting to roll through. The clouds have had interesting layers and textures.

52 thoughts on “Cloud Textures & The Tangle Heart Tree

  1. I so love the Big Sky in that part of the country. On the East Coast we pretty much only look straight up through the trees rather than open up to the expansive landscape and 360-degree half-sphere of the sky — plus Painter’s Clouds, I really miss Painter’s Clouds. It pens a vernacular of perspective that I began to notice here shortly after (unfortunately) moving here 5 years ago — working on that. More dense here, though honestly rural except in Center City. The “suburbs are pastoral” or rural here, whereas in Denver and Santa Fe they were Kentucky Bluegrass farms in the shape of yards around cookie cutter homes. The perspective isn’t simply flipped, it goes further. Thanks for the clouds, Timothy. I now feel to look into a blog post or several about the People of the Place, and how landscape and Natural surroundings and land features drive personality and even perspective.

    • Another comment that went to spam. Thanks, Jordan. The environment affects personality greatly. And personality draws people to what they are comfortable with. Unfortunately, finding good matches between environment and personality doesn’t always happen.

  2. The Tangle Heart is stunning against the backdrop of the gorgeous Dawn sky. Such a beautiful sight to wake up to. Last night as the last light was fading a cardinal perched on my back fence, outside with my dog I dashed back to get my camera . I thought it odd for the bird to be sitting out in the open in the near dark. When I opened the zoom lens he flew off. They have amazing hearing!

    • It knew the paparazza’s intentions and wasn’t goin to have anything to do with them. Opportunities fly when you don’t have your camera in hand. But they don’t always present themsevles when you do have you camera in hand. Mlodinow’s three laws of probability fits the challenges of photographing nature quite well. Thanks, Holly. Your Tangle Heart tree always looks great and magical against whatever backdrop the weather gives us.

      • My Tangle Heart Tree is magical and the home to mystical creatures. Right you are about the camera in hand, I’ve missed a half a dozen chances to capture (With my camera of course) a beautiful Hawk perched in a tree out back, flys off as soon as he hears my door open. Have a lovely Sunday Timothy!

  3. Stunning captures of your sky! That tangled heart tree is really something to see with that sky! Nice pictures, Tim! Have a lovely day!

  4. Nice sky.

    I’ll ask the obvious question … have you and Laurie been able to see Comet Neowise before sunrise or after sunset? We’ve simply had too many clouds at sunset. Before sunrise, that’s the 4:00am wake-up call. I’m up at 5:00am, but it’s pretty much light already.

    • Hi David. The clouds cleared enough last night that we could see Neowise. Tristan texted usr that she could see it, so we went out and I got photos. It was a little hard to find because there were a lot of clouds to the east reflecting light off the city. I’ll post the photos I did last night tonight. We are thinking about driving out to darker regions tomorrow or Tuesday night to view and photograph it.

  5. I meant to add I have a heart in my garden just above the ground, where the branches of a one of the bushes have curved that way. I do like seeing it from our kitchen window. it is not as spectacular as your tree and it’s down to how the branches have crawled along the ground cos of the maple above but I am gonna try and keep it.

    • That’s great you have a heart you can see from the kitchen window. I have to walk down the levee to see the Tangle Heart tree.

  6. Rich! Fabulous cloud messages in the sky, transmitted to Tangle-Heart, in the language nature speaks.
    Great work, Tim!

    • Thanks, Resa. I liked how Marina saw the clouds blown like bubbles into shape through the Tangle Heart Tree.

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