Purple Haze

Tiny hummingbird in the tangle heart tree
Chokes on smoke from a distant fire
Purple haze on Sandia’s gray
Pink snuffed out while beaver plays
Owls fall silent have they taken their leave?
A dove coos atop Mia’s tree
Nighthawk flies erratically
Bat cuts through the air
Hangs thick

44 thoughts on “Purple Haze

  1. Beautiful shots of the trees Tim. The Tangle Heart is perfectly outlined in the sky, your poem brings it all together so perfectly. I kind of hope the Owls haven’t taken leave but I guess sooner or later. ..After a two year absence a tiny bird once again nested I’m the eaves of my porch. I’m not sure what kind but I think it’s an American Robin.

    • Thanks, Holly. We still hear the owls, but we haven’t been out late enough to see them over the past several nights. That’s nice to have a new nest on your porch.

      • Three years in a row a bird came at the beginning of Fall Lived in the corner of the porch eaves till Spring . Then for two years no one came but now at the beginning of summer there is a new bird. They come in at 7 PM and leave by 7 AM. I can set my watch, it’s so fun to watch.

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. I dictated the poem into my phone while I was walking around looking at all the other critters while looking for the owls.

  2. This was absolutely wonderful! The Tangle Heart tree in that light – gorgeous.
    Your poem was also a lovely way to bring together all your beautiful pictures.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. We are supposed to go to Blegium in August 2021. I may be calling on you.

  3. Very neat post Tim!
    Some amazing fab shots. I especially like the Tangle-Heart and the next 3 shots.
    Well, all of the shots, really.
    Your poem tied it all together quite nicely.
    What was on fire?

    • Thanks, Resa. The fire is Arizona about 500 miles west of us. I could not see the mountains this morning because the smoke is so thick.

      • It’s a big fire. Still burning. We are not in danger from the fire. We are just choking on the smoke.

      • Glad to hear you’re not in danger!
        (Spunkie-Poo 💋, whew!)
        Hey, I just went through my stash of gifted/old fabrics. I found an armload of white sheer. I’m almost finished the current Art Gown. There’s one on base. Then …. I’d like to do one based on the Cottonwoods when they explode. If they explode this year, when would that be… September?

      • They should be exploding soon. However, while your tree set on lots of tatanes this year, I haven’t seen a lot of cotton on it yet. I’ll have to look and see what’s happening with the cotton. I keep you updated.

    • Thanks, Teagan. I got a good beaver video the other day, but I haven’t had time to process it.

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