39 thoughts on “Water Feature

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I’m sure the turtles like the logs, but I’m rarely down there when the turntles are out.

  1. Tim, this is gorgeous. What a fantastical setting for a fantasy story.
    I love green, and this is a delight for my eyes — bright “warm” grass green, and cool mossy green. The reflections, the light and shadows, all are marvelous. This is as deserving of “pride of place” on a wall as a Monet.
    Hugs on the wing.

    • This is very much your style, Leah. I am fortune to live close to the few watery places in this dry land. Thanks.

    • Hi Resa. Because the water is clear in the clearwater ditch. The Rio Grande and irrigation ditches have muddy water.

      • Thanks! Where does the water come from? Is it rain water, or from a different river?
        You live in an interesting place.

      • The clearwater ditch is a drainage ditch. It’s the level of the water table. It’s used to drain the land. Otherwise, our property would be marshland. The riverbed is currently 16 feet higher than our property.

  2. Is it the plants that keep the water clear? We have water in a water feature in our courtyard between the five blocks and they have to clean it because it goes quite green and murky.

    • Hi Charlotte. It’s a drainage ditch to lower the water table. The water is the level of the water table. It flows from north to south and joins the river at the end of Corrales about 3 miles from where this photo was taken. It’s moving all the time so it stays clear.

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