Three Sides of a Silly Frog on Solstice

As the new moon eclipses the sun in a ring of fire on the other side of the world, where swarms of locusts besat about the time COVID cooties went viral, I offer a single, silly frog from three sides to celebrate solstice 2020. Another end of the world is upon us.

43 thoughts on “Three Sides of a Silly Frog on Solstice

  1. Yes! Wonderful post, Timothy! Yes, the end of the world is upon us, and it’s always upon us, so I have to say that Frog Trinity has been the most fitfully fitting post about end-times I’ve sen in a while. Frog’s are all about transformation, big end-times in that… every time. I’ll step up right beside you to watch the riotous orange of the world burn. 🙂 Cheers.

  2. The greens and golds up against the white sands/mud (depending on the light) are stunning. The contrast makes for quite a jumper of image focus. Pun very much intended.

    Reminded me, too, of Jeepers, a bullfrog that woke up each year in our Japanese garden amidst the bamboo when I was a kid. Great memory.

      • 🙂 You’re welcome, Timothy. I thought so as well. First “pet” I named. Go figure it was a Nature pet rather than a house pet.

      • Nature pets are easy care, but nature can be awfully hard on them.

      • Yup, as much as Nature’ll nourish you to survive, Nature’ll kill ya as well.

        Jeepers wasn’t around one year. I remember, at 4 or 5, sitting there talking to the dirt until my Mom came around, “Jordan, What are you doing? Is everything ok” “Oh Mom, Yes. It’s just Jeepers isn’t coming back this year, so I’m talking to his dirt.”

  3. The frog and shadow on the water were brilliant, Tim!
    I wonder how they went on at Stonehenge this year’s Solstice? Last year there were 11,000 visitors. This year the Covid-Cooties prevented such a scene, but I’ll investigate.
    TTFNski. Sir.

  4. Nice frog! This year is going by very quickly. It is hard to believe solstice is here already, and now the days will start growing shorter. It’s been a really strange year on many fronts. All the best to you and Laurie, and the cats, birds, snakes and bosque critters.

  5. Happy Solstice, Tim! Obviously the frog is in deep contemplation “to be, or not to be”… and you captured his moments perfectly! [hope you get this before the …end!]

  6. That’s one good looking frog! This was my first Frog Solstice. I hope I don’t get warts. Wait! That’s toads. Think I’ll avoid stools for awhile. 🙃

    • He is cute. I believe you kiss a frog to get a prince. Toads supposedly give you warts, but in reality, they are mildly poisonous. You can use toad stools to poison someone. Did you see the Clint Eastwood movie “The Beguiled” 1971? The women feed him poison mushrooms (toadstools).

      • I don’t remember that movie… but I may have seen it. The toadstools isn’t ringing a bell. So, poison mushrooms are toadstools. I didn’t know that.
        I guess I’m just helplessly backwards. I kiss princes and they turn into frogs!
        He is the neatest looking frog I’ve ever seen. Of course I haven’t actually seen a frog about 25 years.

      • I think Toadstools may be an archaic way of differentiating between safe to eat fungus (generally white topped mushrooms) and poisonous fungus (colored topped mushrooms). You have a deadly kiss?

      • True… it’s a toadstool of a kiss, in its own way.
        Change of topic-
        I just got notification from WP that I am now following my own blog.
        How can that be? I’m logged in, so there is no Follow Button to accidentally click on.
        It’s not a different Resa, as it’s my Gravatar pic. Things like this worry me. Hackers, you know.
        Think I’ll write WP, just in case!

      • I follow my blog. That way I know the posts, post correctly. You should be able to simply follow yourself.

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