59 thoughts on “Father’s Day Sunset

  1. Hope you had a beautiful Father’s Day Tim. Thank you for sharing the awesome sunset photo.

    • Thanks, Angelilie. I appreciate your kisses from Paris. All the kitties and I send you purrs, hugs and kisses for Corrales. How are you doing? Are you getting out and about these days? Is the Tour de France going to happen this year?

      • Thanks Timothy. I’m fine and remain positive. In France, we are in deconfinement and we can now go outside (with mask) For the Tour de France, it is postponed by 2 months. it will take place from August 29 to September 20, this year.
        Read the article here : Le Tour de France est repoussé de deux mois. Il débutera le 29 août, plutôt que le 27 juin, comme c’était prévu initialement, pour se terminer le 20 septembre.

      • The Tour de France is postponed for two months. It will begin on August 29, rather than June 27, as originally planned, and end on September 20.

      • Hi Angelilie. I try to post comments on your blog and WordPress always returns errors. I’m not ignoring you by not commenting, I’m not able to comment. I really like your photo of Porto.

      • Hi Timothy. Thank you for your message. You comment on the photos in the blog, if you want. I know you are on my blog because you like photos. For comments, normally they work well but I put them in moderation, because a lot of unwanted comments. If you like the photo of Porto – Portugal you can take it as wallpaper, for your phone or your computer.

      • I understand going into moderation, but WordPress returns an error message that the comment couldn’t be posted. Maybe they get through. WordPress gets to be so weird and annoying.

      • It’s weird! A friend tried to comment on my blog and I received it. It’s just that they are in moderation, but they publish well. I’m still going to look at this WordPress comment problem. It is true that WordPress sometimes malfunctions.

      • It’s weird. It’s not only your site. I can comment through the Word Press Reader if comments through the reader are enabled; but if I have to go to a WordPress website, I can comment on some sites and not on others. Your site and the Animal Couriers’ sites are two sites that almost always give me the same error. I commented on the Animal Couriers’ site for years with no problem, but then something changed.

      • A little “like” is as much pleasure as a comment. I like all the “likes’ of my visitors even if they don’t leave me comments.

      • Thanks for the update on the Tour. That’s good you can get out. Have a great week.

  2. Wow, a stunning sunset! Happy belated Father’s Day, Tim! Thanks for sending the guitar update, I can’t even get over how awesome it looks! The pick-ups are perfect, so exciting!

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