62 thoughts on “Bat Over Colored Water

  1. Great photos, Timothy! I remember bats flying over the backyard in Michigan gobbling up the bugs, just missing our heads at times. Wonderful critters! 😊

    • Thanks, John. If we are out late enough, bats will be buzzing us like crazy. I think they get their jollies flying by and making our hair wisp up.

  2. Laughing. Love it. We get small bats at The Holler. But in Oz I photo’d big serious ones.
    I did know about bats, long before Wuhan.
    I know their potential to spread rabies, for example.
    I just don’t why we are all accepting China’s explanation,
    for why they screwed with bat, hiv, and ebola virus rna.
    I think virologists the world over, were terrified to be linked to them.

  3. Hi Tim, love your title, and play on words. S & G would approve. Lovely photos, I didn’t think bats were out and about so much during the day, although I don’t know when the photos were taken. Have a good Wednesday evening! ~ Mia

    • Thanks, Mia. The sun had set, and there was still color in the clouds reflecting off the water when I took these photos. Bats are rarely out during the day because is light messes up their sonar. They start becoming active at dusk.

      • You’re welcome Tim, and thank you for the information about the bats. Sonar would make for a nice addition to our five senses!

      • Echolocation as it’s called. Our stereo hearing allows us to sound locate, but we can’t really send out sounds and get feed back from what bounces back to us.

    • Hi Couriers. High ISO, wide-open lens, relatively fast shutter speeds, and these few relatively clear shots out of a whole lot of shots of a blurred bat.

    • Hi Lavinia. There are lots of gnats over the water since all the other insect eaters are over the water as well. But then we run into lots and lots of swarms of gnats on the levee.

  4. Awesome shots of the bat Tim, the are so sleek and aerodynamic with the air under their open wings. I immediately thought of the song Smoke on the Water rather than S & G.

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