Non-Tubular Bells

John at Las Vegas Photo Blog posted a video of church bells ringing in Banff, Canada which reminded me that I had recorded the bells ringing while on the bell towers at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France in 2018. I found the video and decided it was boring by itself because the bells at Notre Dame were very loud standing in the bell tower, and they didn’t have any variation other than a bunch of bells ringing at once. Therefore, I wrote a piece of music to go with the bells, and put together a rather strange music video called Non-Tubular Bells. I include photos from Notre Dame in 2018 before the fire, pictures of Paris taken from the bell towers, video of the American Flag at our neighbor’s house, video of our neighbor’s dogs playing in the Rio Grande and video of the Owlets flapping their wings and flying a little.

70 thoughts on “Non-Tubular Bells

      • You and everyone who has been or who was planning to go (I’m supposed to be in France for April next year – had to cancel April 2019). Remains to be seen if I have to cancel again with this whole nutsoid situation.

      • Laurie and I both have papers accepted in the International Conference on Construction Grammar (ICCG) that was originally scheduled for this August in Antwerp, Belgium. They put it off for a year. Laurie gave a paper at the ICCG in Paris in 2018. We stayed next door to Notre Dame in 2018. We were in Paris for 3 weeks in 2013, and rented an apartment next door to the Opera. We had a great time both visits.

      • That is wonderful – your two visits and a bummer but be expected, for Belgium.
        It will be interesting to see what lies ahead but first things first. I needs must find a job! The restaurant where I worked could close and even if it doesn’t, I want to get out of there. So joy oh bliss looking for work now is fun

      • I was planning to get together with another blogger who lives in Belgium. We have to put that off for a year. At least they just postponed the conference and didn’t cancel it altogether. They canceled the Medieval Studies Conference I was going to submit an abstract to, and I haven’t heard whether they are rescheduling or waiting until next year. We presented papers at that conference in 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sending you good vibes for finding a new job.

      • I was going to Burgundy for a one-week cooking thing (did Tuscany in 2016) then two weeks to roam (like I did in Tuscany).
        Thanks. Perfectly bilingual (English and French) opens more doors and I’ve experience in a variety is things. Throw enough resumes out there, one is bound to stick!

      • You will have the time of your life in Burgundy. We did cooking classes for two weeks in Aix-en-Provence in 2013. The classes were so much fun and we learned so many techniques. Being bilingual is a great advantage.

      • I’ve no doubt. The group “Cook in Tuscany” expanded to Cuba, Mexico and France so I had to jump on the France one. They plan a fabulous week with classes, visits, fine dining and endless wine. What’s not to love?

      • In our cooking classes, which started at 5:00 in the afternoon, we cooked all the courses and then we gathered around the table, ate what we cooked, drank local wines and had great conversation. After cleaning up we left around midnight or later.

      • We did similarly but sometimes the cooking was at lunch with a restaurant for supper, other times cooking was for supper. Always we ate what we made and never did we have to do dishes. Win-win! We went truffle hunting, to a farm, wine tasting… not a moment was dull and I made 13 new friends. And am still in contact with all of them.

      • Our classes where in a private residence. France had started allowing home occupation permits, so Genevieve started teaching classes out of her home. Being good Americans, we always helped with the clean up.

  1. Quite a bit of everything…Notre Dame before it burned, even with a pic of the spire we all saw come crashing down; Paris before the fire and pandemic; and the dogs and baby owls to remind us that only the human world is of kilter at the moment. I enjoyed the way you mixed the bells with your music. I enjoyed hearing the bells, but much nicer broken up…The gargoyles were great to see again, too. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Susan. I’m happy you enjoyed it. Laurie wasn’t sure about the dogs, but they make as much sense as the owls. They provided activity and happy dogness. It’s nice to have memories of Notre Dame before all the disasters. You will also notice the apostles off the four sides of the spire. They had taken them down before the fire, which I was very happy about.

  2. Fantastic! The dedication to Mike Oldfields theme of my teenage years is clear, but also something new and with some lockdown-heavy weight given by the rythm’s delays. Great video imagination with it.

    • Thanks, Puzzleblume. I’m happy youe liked and delighted you got the reference.

  3. Must add this: the rythm of your music motivated somehow me to think of Alexis Korner’s “The Coming Of The Troll” in “The King of Elflands Daughter”.

  4. This is incredible Tim! Loved hearing the bells amongst your music! It really was amazing to hear. I’m happy that you got to hear and see the beautiful place. I never have been to Paris but have a trip scheduled in 2021. Who knows with this crazy pandemic!
    Thanks so much for your creativity.

    • Thanks, John. I’m happy you like those bells. I play guitar, pluck away at bass and I am getting pretty good at assembling drum tracks. I have a drum set, I’m not a very good drummer, and it’s really difficult to record drums. I don’t have the room or equipment to get recordings of drums to sound right, so I gave up on playing and recording drums. Although, it would take much less time to play the drum tracks then it takes to assemble drum tracks from samples. The drum tracks are the most time consuming part of the recording process.

  5. Your music goes very well with the bells. The song has an avant-garde kinda vibe. Love it!

    • Thanks, Herman. It’s a little bit out there. I like avant-garde. It helps move things along.

  6. Spectacular Timothy. I never know what I will find here But I always know it will be amazing. It was great seeing the Baby Owls and returning to Paris once again, it was a beautiful trip.

    • Thanks, Holly. The owlets have been really active flying around in the treetops. Paris is so much fun.

      • The owlets were perched and flying around close to your Tangle Heart Tree tonight. I’m sure you will make it back to Paris. Maybe when it’s safe to travel again, we all (me and Laurie, you and yours, Resa and hers, Marina and hers, and Dale) could have a rendezvous in Paris. The Art Gown models and the paparazzo in Paris would be a great adventure.

      • The Tangle Heart tree seems a perfect perch for the owlets to survey their territory! They have so many adventures ahead. I can imagine the gown models and paparazzo strolling the left bank , browsing the Louvre and just having a fantastic holiday in Paris. We would need a video of that. Make it go viral. 😊

  7. All you’re missing is the man with a black fedora, black dress coat with a black case on the darkest of nights walking to your door. (lol) πŸ™‚

    • BTW If you skim the comments you might notice Holly and I are making plans to have an Art Gowns Models and Paparazzo rendezvous in Paris.

      • Let me know if you need anything from the Art Gowns! (drawings…actual Art Gowns {Holly has one: Velvet Tango} etc… you are welcome to any!)

      • I’ll trade you a print of one of my photos for a one-eyed beauty. Actually, thinking about it, I’ll bet one of your one-eyed would look fab on a guitar body.

      • Ohh…. neat idea!
        Let me work on the Loki one!
        It will be heavily black with that emerald green eye. Could be neat on a white guitar.
        Of course, I’ve saved them all.
        When I get a bit more time, I should do a post will all one-eyes!

  8. Beautiful with the other shots. I especially like the owls moving their enormous wings to your music. I like the photographs around the bells too. Great creative piece my friend. Hugs and love to you guys on the Rio Grande. Love πŸ’• J

      • I actually enjoyed the music and liked the way you integrated the bells in occasionally with them as the focus. Very nice video. Have a night full of starlight you two. Hugs Joni

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