89 thoughts on “Cat In Grass

  1. Loki is so photogenic — striking photo. Tim, this is such a wonderful composition, angle, placement, color, light. I love it. If I ever start painting again, I’d like to try it. I even bought paints and canvas a year ago — and still haven’t allowed myself “entertainment time” to use them. I’d need a lot of practice before feeling I could try this one. Thanks for all the visual treats. Hugs on the wing.

    • That’s a great name. Just add a little Eye of Loki to the spell. He was thinking of your magical one-eyed beauties. Thanks, Resa.

      • The art supply store up the street has re-opened! I’ll be heading there in a few days when this heat wave is over! Crying out loud…heat warnings?
        It snowed here 10 days ago.

      • That’s exciting. We don’t have any real live art stores left in town. We have to get art supplies on-line. Do you know the song “Up and Down” by the Vengaboys? It probably goes well with your weather changes.

      • I love going to the art supplies store. I’m so new at my art, that I always find some new medium… also, my stash is drying out a bit.

      • It’s nice to buy art supplies in the flesh. It’s somewhat of a gamble ordering on-line.

      • … just like food! Which I’ve been doing sometimes, since the Big C!
        Ahh, the good old days when the big concern was the Big O! lol!

      • The Big O? I’m not connecting with that one. It’s probably really a big Obvious O but I’m being dense.

      • LOL!
        I’ll let you ponder that one!
        Women’s lib times? Being more Open about sexuality?

    • Thanks, Brandi. I checked out your blog. I like it. I dropped out of high school when I was 16, and I’ve done alright; however, I did go on to get a Master’s Degree. But you are right. You don’t have to have a degree to be sombody.

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