55 thoughts on “Rail Lounging

  1. They are very beautiful your cats and pose well 😀. I really like them, especially Spunk, my favorite 😻. Kisses Timothy.

    • Thanks, Angelillie. Spunk is a real ladies cat. All the women love Spunk. And he loves women. He melts in the arms of beautiful women (I think he finds all women beautiful), and gives them love eyes. He sends you kitty hugs, kitty kisses and looks of love.

      • Thank you Timothy for these sweet words. They are really very comfortable and happy your cats 😀😊 I send them loving kisses and hugs too 🤗

      • Spunk is swooning at the thought of your hugs and kisses. How are you doing during the lockdown, Angelillie? I hope all is well? I read a funny article in The Economist about Parisians new love of jogging.

      • Yes Timothy I’m fine despite the Coronavirus crisis. In France, we are locked up and in confinement until May 11. We just have the right to go out for shopping and jogging. It is true that there are many Parisians who jog during confinement. This allows them to get some air. I too like sports. I hope that you, too, in America are going well for the Coronavirus crisis. The whole world is affected by this ugly virus.

      • We are doing well. As you know from my photos, we are not confined like people in big cities, so we can go out and play with the wild animals.

  2. You have rail lounging, we have chair lounging here. The crew would get on the back top of a wing chair and do the same things your rail loungers would do. Miss Egypt perfected the chair lounging style.

    About Spunk being a ladies’ cat, SAM is very flirty with women. The moment we acquired him from Sarah, he got to work in spellbinding the daughters. Deborah and Elizabeth were easy marks, especially Elizabeth. Tara pretended to be “hard-to-get” and would flirt back … “What is a girl to do?” (LOL) 🙂

    • Hi David. Cats will be Cats. Spunk likes to lie the same way on my leg and on the planks in the catio. Silver lies the same way on the planks in the catio, also. We don’t have any chairs with wide enough backs to lounge on.

      Guildenstern was our serious ladies cat. Laurie used to tutor students at the house, and Guildenstern would be all over the young women. When Laurie hosted her book group, all women, Guildenstern would follow them around while they looked at our roses, and would be in the middle of them as much as he could. When we took him to the vet, the women fawned all over Guildenstern. He loved it.

    • I’m happy to hear that. We all need a good laught these days. Thanks, Susan.

  3. Spunkie-poo! 💋
    Jeeps seems to know I’m looking at another cat! She’s almost sitting on my laptop, and she rarely does that!
    Spunk(ie-poo) and Silver are hilarious.
    Jeep wants me to go to a different post. I moved the laptop to the right, but her body just grew into the space.

    • Jeep thinks you are two-timing her. Cats have a way of growing into space. Thanks, Resa.

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