56 thoughts on “Ladybugs

  1. Nothing sweeter than little lady bugs. We have a lady bug farm not far away. Now I’ve forgotten why people want lady bugs in there garden but the buy them. They are cute! Great shot Timothy.

    • Hi Holly. Ladybugs have voracious appetites and eat lots of aphids and other pests. People buy ladybugs instead of spraying pesticides.

      • I knew they played an important part in gardening because they are selling like car and huge lady bug farms have cropped up. That’s really super actually. Great for the environment

    • There are ants also. Aphids will secrete a sugary goo the ants like so the ants protect the aphids. I think the ladybugs are too much for the ants.

    • Hi lyn. Ladybugs don’t eat ants, they simply ignore them and eat the aphids unless there are too many ants, then they fly away.

    • Thanks, Maj and Sher. Ladybugs are interesting insects. Their larvae, which look like little monsters, have monstrous apetites and will really clean aphids off of rose bushes and other plants.

    • The Peonies don’t last long here because of the heat and dryness. Thanks, Cindy.

    • Hi Lonely. I used a Canon 7D Mark II and a 70-200mm Ζ’/4 II L lens zoomed to 200mm for the photos. I have a macro lens, but the 70-200 does pretty well.

    • Hi Tiffany. They are so benificial and so beautiful. Almost too good to be true.

      • I learned when I moved to this house that ladybugs can & will play dead. I assumed if one was upside down, not moving, that it was a goner. Nope. Now when I sweep them into the dustpan with dirt or fur, I toss it in the yard, just in case. Also, they always like a drop of water. Yeah, I make strange friends

      • I’m not sure I have ever found a ladybug in the house. I’ve found just about every other critter that’s around here in the house, mostly brought in by the cats, but a lot of insects get in on their own. Ladybugs manage to stay on the flowers and plants around here.

      • That’s amazing. Why are they getting into the last 2 houses where I’ve lived? I’ll research it at some point. I’m glad you only enjoy them outside.

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