56 thoughts on “Dragonfly 2020

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. Dargonflies look like helicopters with horizontal wings. Their structures are amazing.

    • Hi Lyn. Macro photography is technally 1:1 magnification that gives you a real-life sized image in the frame, true macro lenses go to a 1:1 focus, but “macro” is most commonly used to define anything closeup and detailed. People who think of themselves as purists can get bent out of shape calling any closeup image a macro image, but I’m not a purist. I like to think of “macro” as very close up photography, but not as close as microphotography. Microlenses go up to 5x, so microphotography is extremely close photography 2x to 5x. After that, you are generally into microscopy. Does that help?

    • Hi David. I love the way dragonflies look. Their heads and eyes look like they are wearing pilot’s helmets.

  1. Wow! Great shots, Tim. I love the sharpness and colours in the photographs. But like David said, they actually look a bit creepy and ready to play in a scifi movie…

    • Hi Puzzlebume. These dragonflies are rusty orange colored. We also get blue, yellow and black, green and blue and silvery colored dragonflies.

    • Thanks, Amy Rose. They are pretty easy once they settle in and let you get close to them.

    • I think they are cute no matter how you look at them. But I can see your suddent shock at seeing one more up close and personal that usual. Thanks, Tiffany.

  2. OMG!
    That’s one crazy looking creature.
    I’m not afraid…I’m not afraid.
    When I was a kid, and went to a camp in the Canadian Shield, there would be times of no fun, eat us alive, mass mosquitoes. Then a plane would come, and drop slews of Dragonflies. Then there would be no mosquitoes, and lots of Dragonflies. The DF’s never bit us, or anything.

    • Dragonflies are very people friendly. That’s a great way to deal with mosquitoes. Dragonflies lay eggs in water. Sometimes a dragonfly or pair of them will confuse our glass top table on the deck with water and try to lay eggs on it. Sad times when that happens.

      • Oh dear!
        …. andI thought the worst thing that could happen with glass is that I could some broken pieces in a foot!
        Amazing, amazing shots!!

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