33 thoughts on “Batstractions

    • Hi Dot. That is a good question. You have to take my word for it. It’s a matter of Faith? However, I could clearly see it was a bat flitting about. Photographing bats in the dark is a real challenge. There are times I get clear photos of the bats, but they are extremely difficult to photograph clearly in the twilight.

      • I’ll take your word for it then, since you sound so sure about it 🦒 Thankfully you took it in the twilight – I find myself doing better without having to look at a bat too up close … The room for imagination you leave in your Batstractions is much appreciated 🍄

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m trying not to feel batty, I should look up why it’s called that. A bat magically appeared in the living room years ago. After an hour-ish, I got it out. Thankfully my son came to visit because this required 4 hands & double the patience. It was frozen in fear & exhaustion when I took the lid off the basket. It was stupid, but I couldn’t resist petting it. It was amazingly soft. We made eye contact & it flew away after about a minute. Good times

  2. I researched it, too much to type. In short, batty refers to bats in the bellfry which means (sort of) flighty & sporadic up top there, mentally.
    : )

  3. We have bats here in NC that are always flying about. I don’t know if I have ever seen anyone take photos of bats, these are amazing and they are lightening fast. Beautiful work Tim. Love Joni

    • Bats a very difficult to photograph. A biology professor I know who is really into bats, developed super high speed flash in the 1980s to photograph bats. He has super photos of bats from that time.

      • Yours are pretty amazing. I wondered about that exray shot, that was really cool. Anyway some great photography my friend. Hugs J

      • Their skeletons show very well around the membranes of their wings.

      • Well the photographs are amazing. They are so fast when they dart from tree to tree in the dusk here that there almost gone before you see them. Have an amazing day my friend. Hugs Joni

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