28 thoughts on “Batstractions

    • Hi Dot. That is a good question. You have to take my word for it. It’s a matter of Faith? However, I could clearly see it was a bat flitting about. Photographing bats in the dark is a real challenge. There are times I get clear photos of the bats, but they are extremely difficult to photograph clearly in the twilight.

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m trying not to feel batty, I should look up why it’s called that. A bat magically appeared in the living room years ago. After an hour-ish, I got it out. Thankfully my son came to visit because this required 4 hands & double the patience. It was frozen in fear & exhaustion when I took the lid off the basket. It was stupid, but I couldn’t resist petting it. It was amazingly soft. We made eye contact & it flew away after about a minute. Good times

  2. I researched it, too much to type. In short, batty refers to bats in the bellfry which means (sort of) flighty & sporadic up top there, mentally.
    : )

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