17 thoughts on “Communication Breakdown

    • Hi Lyn, I believe a lot of people deal with more communication breakdowns than they would like to in the age of constantly available communication.

  1. You made a neat poem to go with this interesting shot. Did the pole fall from some wind?
    Now for some reason, I’m thinking about smoke signals.

    • Hi Resa. The pole is on the edge of an arroyo. The soil washed out around it. Smoke signals or a string between two tin cans.

      • Does the cans with string work. Someone told me it does, but I can be quite gullible.
        Once at the museum at an ancient warriors display, I was told the round metal shields were their sun hats. It was before they invented straw. I informed many others about this at the display.

      • Two cans with a string does work. It actually works about as well as the lousy cell coverage I get on our property. There are a lot of benefits to living in paradise, but fast Internet and good cell coverage are not among the benefits.

      • Oh, interesting about the cans and string.
        Canada is trying to get better internet and cell coverage in our rural communities. It’s a big deal.

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