Leave Me Bee Sam-I-am


A bee, I’ll call Wild-B, was minding his own business collecting pollen on an echinacea, when another bee, I’ll call Sam-I-am, started buzzing Wild-B. Wild-B held his position and stuck out his pollen laden back legs as he tried to block and discourage Sam-I-am from buzzing him. Sam-I-am was quite pesky, but finally moved on after a Bumble Bee landed on the echinacea. Wild-B also took off once the Bumble Bee started making his way around the flower in Wild-B’s direction.









29 thoughts on “Leave Me Bee Sam-I-am

    • Possibly. I don’t know what kind it is. We have lots of wild bees that are great pollinators. Thanks, Lyn.

  1. Fab shots! Great names for your bees. You didn’t name the Bumble Bee. Is Mr. McBumble too simple? Not hep enough?
    Been meaning to ask, how’s my Cottonwood doing? When will it be fluffy?

    • McBumble is perfect. It was a nameless extra at the end of the drama between Wild-B and Sam-I-am. Your cottonwood fluffed away rather silently. The cotton was not as thick this year.

    • Hi Tiffany. I name them when I have to distinguish between the bees. Naming them is much more efficient than describing them multiple times. If I saw the same two bees again, I wouldn’t know one from the other.

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