Spin Wheels


The people who put out the Spin Scooter arrange them so the scooters make interesting patterns.

Speaking of wheels, my little “green” red sports car got 40.2 mpg (17.09 kpl) driving 339.6 miles (546.53 kilometers) the last tank of gas. I got on Trip B resetting the trip meters when I realized I hadn’t taken a photo of the instrument panel. I ran a manual calculation of my mpg (8.5 gallons over 339.5 miles โ€” 339.6รท8.5=39.95 mpg), which is pretty close to what the car’s computer calculated. Not bad at all.


8 thoughts on “Spin Wheels

  1. Dang Tim, that is excellent gas mileage on a sports car! ๐Ÿ‘ Makes it all the more fun, huh? Love the scooter arrangement too. That’s pretty creative.

  2. Great image! My husband also recently got a new car, Mazda CX5, he is infatuated with all the bells, whistles and gauges, but it’s not as fuel efficient as yours!

    • Hi Tiffany. I almost bought a CX-5 and few years ago, and then got an RX-8 instead. It was one of those great deals on the RX-8. CX-5s are really nice cars, the drawback for me on the CX-5 at that time was to get the color and extras I wanted it only came with an automatic transmission. I like standard transmissions. These days you have to get sports cars to get standard transmissions and all the cool features.

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