21 thoughts on “Smoky

  1. Beautiful photographs its nice to see a warm sun.

    I loved reading about your musical exploits on my blog and the story of being welcomed into the musician group and I envy you being able to tune instruments I have to get someone in to do my piano twice each year.

    • Thanks, Charlotte. We get lots and lots of sunshine in the high desert southwest. We also get forest fires that make lots of smoke (hack, hack, cough cough).

      Have you heard of the Santa Fe Opera? It’s about 60 miles north of us. It would be really cool if you could do an opera in Santa Fe.

      A piano I can not tune. Piano tuners are special people.

      • Smoke isn’t good for a singer 😷. I have heard of Santa Fe Opera, fabulous company, I would be there in a flash 😊. Getting work in this industry is quite complex. Visa requirements put some companies off hiring Internationally. But you never know keep your fingers crossed.
        Best wishes

      • The smoke is not good for any of us. However, the air is usually pretty good here. I live at 5000 feet (1524 meters) above sea level, and the Santa Fe Opera is at 7000 feet (2133.6 meters) above sea level. We are high and dry in this part of the world. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  2. I thought the first pic was some kind of moonlight thing.
    Wow, fires really change the atmosphere! Of course, my tree looks spectacular with the natural special effect.
    What’s that kind of meter looking thing? Is it in love with my Cottonwood?

    • Hi Resa. The meter looking thing is an electric meter. Your tree has power under it.

      • Hi, Tim. The images are great. But I’m glad the smoke has cleared out!

      • So am I. I couldn’t see the mountains driving to work at 6:30 am Friday morning.

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