Of Tractors & Pterodactyls


A tractor was out plowing a field and making lots of dust in the cool of the evening. The wind blew the dust over the clearwater ditch and into the bosque. Mr pT, a pterodactyl formerly known as a Great blue Heron, was wading in the clearwater ditch, took flight, and flew through the dust into the bosque.












23 thoughts on “Of Tractors & Pterodactyls

    • Hi Michelle. He was looking for food, and once I got too close (but still a long ways away) he flew. Sometimes Mr. pT lets me get close, but he’s fickle.

      • Amazing. They are so beautiful. We have a lot of sand hill cranes here. They own this place, so sweet with their little families. I heard they are monogamous, they really stay close together.

      • We get the sand hill cranes in the winter. We love them. It’s sad when they leave. They are always in pairs, often in small family groups, but normally in groups of hundreds in fields and the river. They gather by the thousands in Bosque del Apache about 100 miles south of us. I saw photos of cranelets. They were so fuzzy and adorable.

      • That’s fabulous Timothy. We only see them in small groups , but more often a pair with their youngsters , one or two . If they get separated they will call out for hours. So sweet but sad if they don’t reunite. Have a great day!

      • It is sad when the get separated. In the hundreds, they are very loud, as you can image. Their call is so distinctive.

  1. It’s a fabulous bird!! I don’t want any of them to lose a youngster.
    You capture wonderful images for us city folk! Thank you!

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