25 thoughts on “Sweet Painted Ladies

  1. Isn’t it amazing how they show up? In the store parking lot today I them just like they are in the video, fewer in my yard. Thanks for the video and music.

  2. Wow how sweet is this??? I love them a lot. I have 3 butterfly bushes and one tree. I’ve never had a swarm of them like this. Wow. Love that video. The colors are stunning Tim.

    • Thanks, Michelle. We have 4 butterfly bushes, but the butterflies really love the salvia.

      • Oh that’s good to know. I will plant some of those. They are purple too. All my butterfly bushes have purple blooms. Do you get hummingbirds to? I see to get them a lot

      • We get a limited variety of hummingbirds. They really like the trumpet flowers. But they enjoy the butterfly bushes as well.

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