24 thoughts on “Swarm of Swallows

  1. The sound of swallows always make me feel home ( we had lots of swallows around the house i was born)

    • Hi Pippa. Swallows are all over the place. There’s a restaurant/bar in downtown, Albuquerque called Brixen. I always read it as the Brexit bar.

  2. Perfectly glorious scene, Timothy, and you captured their swiftness and grace so well. Not easy to capture swallows with the eyes or the camera….

    • Thanks, Jet. Swallows are fast. It’s really hard to get a clear shot of them in flight.

      • The birds seem to be really active lately. So many songs and activity. I could sit for hours and listen and watch them and I do. I worry about them when it storms.

  3. Very nice, Timothy!
    We have flocks of seagulls over the lake. Really minimal on bird types here. I do see swans on occasion, and have seen a black swan with babies. Also, a few mallards and gaggles of Canada Geese.
    Mostly we have pigeons, sparrows and grackles.

    • Hi Resa. We have a large variety of birds. We get seagulls, as well. The Rio Grande valley is a migratory route, and some birds fly way out of their normal areas to nest in the Rio Grande valley. I always find it strange to have sea birds like Seagulls and Osprey hanging out in the high desert at a mile above sea level.

      • Niiice! Location is everything, and you have a good one. Hmm, the cats must enjoy all that bird life.

      • Oh yes. They bring birds in the house, and I have to catch the birds and put them outside. Same thing with lizards, snakes, bunnies, moths, gophers, etc. Although, they’ve never brought a squirrel in the house. The squirrels must be too feisty for them. The squirrels sit outside the window and tease the cats.

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