30 thoughts on “Blue Grosbeak & Summer Tanager

  1. Oh wow!! Two birds I haven’t seen before. I’m still looking for the Summer Tanager. A photographer has mentioned that this bird has been sighted. Great images!! Thank you for this treat! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • Hi AmyRose. The was a western tanager with the summer tanager, but it flew into the trees where I couldn’t get a photo. In years past I would see a lot of the western tanagers, and very few summer tanagers. This year I’ve seen more summer tanagers. The blue grosbeak passes through this time of year. You are welcome.

  2. Oh wow I love that little blue bird. I never knew what they were called. I had one land on my back fence and tweet at me. LOL Wow stunning red birds. I really love them a lot. Excellent focus Tim. I have a hard time holding still when I shoot birds I get so excited LOL

    • Hi Michelle. The camera I use for summer shots doesn’t like to focus on little birds. The focus gets distracted by things around the birds. I’ve been thinking it has the camera equivalent to ADHD, but maybe, like you, it’s getting excited about the little birds.

      • Haha 😀 I’m laughing I know exactly what you mean my focus does the same thing. Also sometimes the lighting I have trouble with so you can imagine I give up and just enjoy them with my eyes. I figure if I was supposed to be a bird photographer I would have that skill. LOL That’s probably why I like sunrises and sunsets they don’t move haha 😀

  3. Your birds are truly lovely, Tim. The photos are so calming. Just what I need. I haven’t had room in my thoughts for focusing on my birds here. A charming dove built her nest in the “covered area” in back. (It’s a carport, but it’s not possible to get a car back there and under it… eye roll). I’ve been too stressed out from the “cuckoo” across the street. Creepy Crying Guy can’t comprehend the meaning of “NO!”…
    Anyhow, I ordered a little solar fountain from Overstock.com for the backyard. It came yesterday. I plan to add some rocks to the “pots” so the birds can get in and out. Setting it up will be my weekend project. Hugs on the wing!

    • The birds will appreciate the fountain. Too bad you’ve ended up with a weird neighbor.

  4. Such stunning birds! I’m especially fond of the blue grosbeak photos. Those colors…. wow. Thank you for capturing such beauty for us.

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