Raw From Off Center


This week’s improvisation is called Saturday’s Improv (not a very creative title I know). I find playing lead guitar solo improvisations are very difficult. Coming up with fresh melodies is most frustrating. So I’ve started laying down base tracks: percussion, rhythm guitar and bass, and them playing improv solos all the way through the song, and taking them however they come out. I laid down all the tracks and the solo work today between watering, doing chores around the house, and taking a couple of walks in the bosque. There are two different guitar solo improvs that are very raw as the song goes back and forth between modes. I’m having lots of fun, and thought I might as well share the fun. I’ve include photos of Loki, Spunk and Marble, a photo of pear blossoms, and a photo of my darkroom/music studio showing the 10 tracks that make up Saturday’s Improve on the computer screen.

My music studio in my darkroom.
Pear blossoms

38 thoughts on “Raw From Off Center

  1. The staff you are doing is fun. Wonderful images. The portrait of Marble is spectacular.

  2. Hi Tim, “Saturday’s Improv” is fun! I really enjoyed the back ground information and the sound, very experimental. And of course the photos are always wonderful too!

    • Hi Mia. Experimental it is. With my numb fingertips, I still fumble around on the fingerboard. Often where I think my fingers are they are not. Playing is still like a crap shoot.

      • I thought it was terrific, Tim, regardless of the finger placement. The piece ended up having some really interesting sounds that took my mind in so many different directions. Fun Stuff!

      • Thanks, Mia. I really appreciate it. Playing is really a challenge, but, you know what? Life gets pretty boring without challenges.

  3. Your improvisation made me think of Arcade Fire. Glad you’re having a great time while making music!

    • Hi Herman. I had to listen to Arcade Fire and watch a few of their videos. Good music and really creative music videos. Thanks for that.

    • Hi Randall. I’ve been doing bloody awful parody music videos from a couple of years now, but doing my own music is a new angle.

      • As a music lover (and unfortunately not a musician) I’ve great admirations for those who can create a sound of what they feel inside. Look forward to hearing more.

      • I have to really work at it. I’m not naturally inclined to play music, but like most things, when I work hard at it I can make it happen.

  4. Right on Tim! Your sense of counterpoint is spot on. I’m enjoying your studio work and look forward to more of it. Modal players and their music is scarce these days. It’s a pleasure to hear it being performed. It’s not for “everyone” and that’s what make it special. I believe we’re in for some very interesting performances going forward. You made my Sunday.
    Thanks man.

    • Thanks, Ron. My “modalityness” as it were, comes from flamenco. Elements of flamenco work into electric music pretty well. I just need to get better at the solo improv.

    • I played the guitar and bass for the background tracks and recorded them on the computer, so the recording is digital. I have the guitar and bass connected directly into the computer through the equipment on the left side of the computer. I assembled the percussion from samples, and then mixed the rhythm guitar tracks, bass tracks and percussion tracks for the base song. After I got all the parts of the song recorded and mixed together, I played the lead guitar over the background to create the improv. It’s original music.

      • Very, very cool! You are talented.
        I’m not a musician. I have been with a musician for my entire adult life. From analog to digital, from I helped them carry the equipment after the gig, to there are roadies to do that . Music means the world to me.
        It’s rough, but from my youth and loving soul (not even the most commercial or successful): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz8WvVoyzwU

      • That’s great. I suspected you had an intimate relationship with the group, but I didn’t want to presume. The music is wonderful. Is your partner playing the Strat in the videos that you mentioned in a comment on one of my Strat posts?

      • Yes! That’s him, the guitar. He still has it, but rarely plays it. The frets are worn to the board. He doesn’t want to …mess with it.
        I really like the costumes I did for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dY55VhElXMEI can’t believe how bad the not official videos look on YouTube. Hope you are seeing the better ones!

      • I really like “100 Watt Bulb”. The video is excellent with superb costumes. The resolution of video makes a lot of difference in how it looks on YouTube.

    • Hi David. I’m talking about improvisation. Playing a lead melody with the main piece. In this case I change between modes, but I don’t play bridges between the modes, I just switch modes, therefore, no segue intended.

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