35 thoughts on “Spring Whites

  1. Hey is the second to last flower still the tulip, just shot from above? Or is it a different flower? The thought occurs to me that you don’t see tulips shot from above very often.

    • Hi Tiffany. That’s Spunk. He’s a special kitty. He’s always in trouble, but lovable and adorable at the same time. We’ve had wet winter for our usually dry high desert environment. The flowers are really happy.

    • Thanks, Susan. It was a nice day. I got a lot done chopping down winter interest, cleaning ditches, and getting the drip systems going.

  2. Hi Tim! The flowers are wondrous. All that white… I’m no photographer, but that had to be a big technical challenge to capture them so perfectly.
    Alas, I confess my favorite blossom is the furry one. 🐱
    Hugs to you and Laurie and Spunk and the rest of the kitties. Happy Caturday.

    • Hi Teagan. Spunk was wanting me to pick him up while I was photographing the flowers. He’s very insistent. I finally picked him up and carried him around the garden while looking to see what else is blooming.

      • Spunk doesn’t like being pickup inside, but outside, he begs to be picked up and carried around. Sasha is the same. On the other hand, Marble and Najar demand to be picked up and held, and to lie on my lap indoors, but they will have nothing to do with being picked up and carried around outside. Lola, Silver and Loki aren’t really into being picked up indoors our outdoors. Although, all three sleep on me at night.

  3. Hahaha! Love that Spunk is in the spring whites collection. It’s purrfect the way he’s just there, another white! All fab shots!

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