18 thoughts on “Up To Speed

      • Well, you know I have my issues about getting out. I haven’t seen much in the way of critters. I hear a few different kinds of birds, but so far, the only ones I’ve gotten a look at are doves, and some gackles who visit from Tularosa. My friend says there’s a big flock of them in Tulie.

      • Now you live where you can get out in the sunshine and add a little more wild to your life.

  1. Huh! great shots, Timothy! I see Mallards here on Lake Ontario. I believe I should see many more species on this fab lake.. but not. I see another type of duck & swans sometimes. Seagulls, I see lots of seagulls.

    • We have several species of ducks here, but the mallards always have the greatest presence. We don’t have swans, but we have Canadian geese that stay year round. We also get quite a few seagulls even though we are a 1000 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, about the same distance east of the Pacific Ocean, and a mile above sea level in the valley.

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