The Week: June 8th — 14th

Click here —> T and L Photos Blog to see the photos and commentary for the week of June 8th — 14th 2015 at a glance.

I have been reposting old blogs from the same date in 2011 every night for the past week with a link to the current photos and commentary posted that day on my T and L Photos Blog (which is really the current Photo of the Day, Etc.); however, since I’m paid up on my WP account until the end of November, I was maintaining the WP site until the end of November 2015. So far I think the reposts from 2011 are just confusing people who think I’m back posting new photos and commentary on WordPress.  Now I’m trying to decide whether I should go ahead and transfer my photoofthedayetc domain to T and L Photosshut down the WP blog, put it out of it’s misery, and end the confusion, or wait until November. Any thoughts (staying with WordPress is not an option)?

June 8th: T-Rex bouquet in hand —

June 9th: Sunbrella —

June 10th: Keep on building —

June 11th: Bike in a Bunker —

June 12th: Sasha does wrecking ball —

June 13th: Peace in the garden —

June 14th: Cute town cats —

10 thoughts on “The Week: June 8th — 14th

  1. Love the bike in the bunker as well as the ‘French’ shots (comnented on the other site).

    As far as sites go, I will miss the links from your wordpress site, as I haven’t managed to master following any of the other sites, yours included, that have an alternative sign up system 😦

    • Thanks, Julia. Subscribing by RSS is really easy. There’s the RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) for Google Chrome To subscribe in Firefox, open the T&L Photos blog, scroll down to the bottom and click on RSS under Subscriptions. You should see a “Subscribe” button in live bookmark bar and a dropdown at the end of “Subscribe to this blog using” The default should be “Live Bookmarks”. If you subscribe using Live Bookmarks, you will see an RSS feed icon in the Live Bookmarks bar with the most recent blog next to it. When you click on the RSS icon, you will see a list of all the blogs in order of newest to oldest.

  2. Oh dear, does that mean you won’t be stopping by on wordpress any more Timothy? I shall miss your comments on my posts if so ! I just looked at your site and I don’t have an RSS feed, I’ll have to look into it as I have projects myself which are not going to be on wordpress. Could you add an ordinary e-mail sign up as well to your site? Also you could install Jetpack and that allows you to keep on appearing in Reader and link to wordpress? I’ve battled with this dilemma for ages as I want to use different templates and wordpress can be rather restricting can’t it but I don’t have enough followers yet to leave!

    • I’m using the blog on a photo site. I cannot instal add-ons or email signup. The only option they have for subscribing is RSS. It’s really meant to be a business blog, not really a social blog. It’s so much easier to edit and manage than WP, plus it’s integrated with my photo site.

      • I understand as wordpress isn’t always the easiest thing to use and get how you want! I shall have to look into RSS, I should know about it for my business sites too!

  3. OH My gosh I thought you left Timothy! I’ve been wondering where you went! I know you have a different blog! I never did figure out how to get to bloglovin. I need to take some time to figure that out! I love all the photos on your new blog! You’ve been busy!

  4. A superb collection, and somehow among them all the ‘first garden’ collection rings perfect for the week ~ although new cat in town has its charm as well. Take care ~

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