Smoke and Ice (repost from 2011)

Today’s post of new cats is at On this date back in 2011 it was dry with smoke from fires darkening the skies and blotting out the sun. Today we got 1/3 of an inch of rain.

Originally posted June 14, 2011: The smoke was blowing in on my way home tonight and the sky looked interesting at the light at Alameda and 2nd Street, so I pulled off at the little ice house and got a photo of the cloudy, smoky sky with ice ads in the foreground. Laurie found a porcupine quill in Puck’s fur tonight. I’ll photograph it tomorrow, but this porcupine might end up being a problem. I thought the cats had enough sense not to mess with them, but maybe not. Their instinct to go after rodents, even though the rodents are three times larger and very prickly, might just be too much for their kitty sense. At least Puck’s kitty sense, apparently. He tries to be a tough cat, but messing with porcupines is a bit much. Then there are flies with major attitude, like the one pictured tonight. This fly was ready to take on the camera lens, or maybe its own reflection in the filter was getting it riled up, but it was ready to fight one way or the other.


14 thoughts on “Smoke and Ice (repost from 2011)

  1. I cannot fathom that with each posting that you exceed your previous – either in context, contrast, imagry – and so many more categories and subjects that I am continually astounded and dazzled! thanks Tim! P.

  2. That first photograph of the smoke, the ice ads, and the church is really spectacular (even for you 🙂 )
    Poor Puck.
    That fly is something else.

  3. These are beautiful photos, Timothy. That fly is a great closeup! Yes, the first one is what our sky can look like at times during forest fires or field burning season. Airborne dust and soil particles from grass seed farms that have harvested their crops and are then plowing under and pulverizing the soil under dry conditions add to the coloration.

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