Flowers: Corrales Garden Tour (part 2)

Photos from the 2015 Corrales Garden Tour can be seen at Interesting that the post for the 2015 garden tour coincides with part 2 of the Corrales Garden Tour in 2011.

Originally posted on June 8, 2011: The results of my PET scan last Tuesday are that, while most everything is normal, a couple of lymph nodes showed FDG activity. One had a standard uptake value (SUV)of 4.2, while the other was between 3.4-3.8. Anything over 3 shows excessive metabolic activity and is considered suspicious — however, the SUV is not necessarily an indication of cancer since an infection or inflammation will show increased metabolic activity.

My doctor is having a radiologist take a closer look at the PET scan to see if they can easily biopsy one of the active lymph nodes. She scheduled another PET scan in 8 weeks. If there had been no FDG activity, the next PET scan would have been scheduled in six months.

Our general feeling is that the FDG activity in the two lymph nodes is not a relapse, as a relapse normally shows FDG activity throughout the lymph system. However, since my lymphoma was very aggressive, we have to look at all suspicious activity closely; if it turns out there is indication of a relapse then we can treat it immediately.

The photos tonight are flowers from each of the gardens we visited on the Corrales Garden Tour on Sunday.