Chile Galaxy

The post for today can be found at Back in 2011, we cooked up our own chile to spray on the roses to discourage porcupine from eating our roses. We have since found an insanely hot chile sauce that we mix up with water and spray on the roses. The chile sauce is so insanely hot that I simply dipped the spoon that we used to measure the chile into a bowl of soup. There was only a slight residue of the chile on the spoon, and it spiced up my soup enough to make me sweat.

Originally posted June 12, 2011: vFrom a chile galaxy loaded with fresh garlic, then strained through a cheesecloth, we created a chile spray to discourage the porcupine from breaking canes, and eating the leaves and buds off the new growth on the rose bushes. We sprayed the mixture on all of our rose bushes thinking it will give them a hot, nasty taste that porcupines won’t like. If it turns out that Corraleño porcupines like spicy roses, then we are in trouble.

The rose floating in the purple cup is Singin’ in the Rain. While cutting the dead canes out of the rose bushes, Laurie got this really nice bloom and floated it in a cup. Puck was out sneakin’ around in a patch of long grass early this morning, when I got this distant shot of him eyeing something. Pink Iceberg is really putting on the blooms now, and I found a lady bug larva working on What a Peach.

Singin’ In The Rain
Puck In The Grass
Pink Iceberg
Lady Bug Larvae