Sculpture: Corrales Garden Tour (part 3)

You can see photos of the first garden we visited on the 2015 Corrales Garden Tour at Remember that this is a blog I originally posted on this same date 4 years ago. I’ve been on an annual schedule for follow up visits to the oncologist for 2 years now.

Originally posted June 9, 2011: When I left the office at 6:00 pm, I could see the smoke rolling in from the west. The last photo in the series tonight is a panorama of the smoke in the sky from the parking lot behind the office. On my way home, the Sandias were clear to the east, as the smoke advanced from the west. I stopped by the grocery store about 6:30 pm, and when I came out a 7:15, I could not see the mountains and the sun was complete obliterated.  Laurie said she saw the sun go through its yellow-orange to dark hot pink shift before it faded to nothing.

I didn’t hear from the doctor today, so I assuming that the radiologist hadn’t looked at the scan or that he determined that it wouldn’t be easy to biopsy either node. The doctor didn’t say she would call either way. I think it was only if they were going to schedule a biopsy; but she could call tomorrow.

The first six photos show sculptures from each of the gardens we toured on Sunday.